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A service for mixing and matching African fabrics


Vlisco makes high-end fabrics for the African market. We helped them create meaningful services in order to strengthen their position. One of those services is the Mix & Match app. User research in Africa showed that customers are afraid to buy expensive fabrics because there is a high possibility of miscommunication between the customer and their tailor. This could possibly lead to misfits and waste of expensive fabric. The Mix & Match app allows the customer and tailor to communicate a lot easier.

The app allows users to select a model dress and choose the fabrics they like. The fabrics can be applied on the model and positioned to the users liking. It is very easy to mix and match the different fabrics, so users will get an idea of how the dress will look like. The result can be used to support communication.

In a 5 day design sprint we developed a prototype for the app. The prototype was a native iOS app with the most essential functionality to test its value on the African market.

The tests in Africa made us decide to develop the app for Vlisco store employees only at this time. This allowed the app to become a real conversation guide inside the stores and for some pro functionality. The result can easily be shared with the customer.

Designed at Fabrique in 2017.