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An app curating your day and way in the museum


Winner Golden iF Award

Tate has over 200 exhibitions and activities in 4 locations. That asks for more than wayfinding. We created a smart app that helps you curate your visit to Tate and navigate the gallery. The app relies on bluetooth beacons to locate where you are, help you navigate, and give useful suggestions based on your location.

User research at the gallery showed that visitors constantly interact with their phone. We decided to make use of those interactions but without the phone being in between the visitor and the artwork. The app guides visitors through unobtrusive and useful notifications, based on where you are within the galleries.

If you know what you want, you can browse all exhibitions and activities and get directions to them. If you just wander around, you can get extra information on the artworks of the room you are in with just one tap on the screen.

Designed at Fabrique in 2016.