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The Largest Museum of the Netherlands Mix and match Vlisco fabrics Find your day and way in Tate Patient Experience at AMC Hospital Design for the Design Museum Side projects


Keeps you off the streets

Fabrique University
Fabrique University offers inspirational courses for all people of Fabrique. The nice thing is that all professors are of Fabrique too. I set the whole thing up because I believe you should always keep learning.

Grip App
During a two day hackathon we developed an app concept for patients in the hospital. Patients are often kept in the blind and don't know what is coming during their stay in the hospital. Grip is an app that keeps them in the loop about their treatment and service activities in the hospital. We are currently developing Grip further.

Excentriek Beer
Excentriek Beer is a company I founded with 3 friends. We make small amounts of beer for the Amsterdam market. It's for sale in a couple of shops and bars. We like to say our beers are nicely mouthed by the fresh taste and the particularly bitters.

Not really a side project, but worth mentioning. inSights is a design tool I created during my graduation project. It allows designers to create persuasive design on a visual level, resulting in better converting design. We published the tool at Fabrique and shipped more than 2000 hard copies worldwide.

During a cold but sunny weekend in november 2015 we created m00nballoon. Basically a weather balloon with a Raspberry Pi underneath it, some cameras and a gps tracker. It went more than 25 km up into the sky. The photos it took from earth are anything beyond what we expected.

During a hackaton weekend we created an autonomous drone for Greenpeace. We build an autopilot, added some cameras to it and created an app. The idead was that the drone could fly over rainforests in Indonesia, taking pictures and send them to every phone with the app installed. We crowdsourced the detection of illegal forrest burning. After the weekend Hack The Planet took over the project.