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Experiencing churches like they are a museum


Why do we walk into a church whenever we visit a small town in Italy, but never do that back home? Museum Catharijneconvent wanted to change that, as there are many beautiful churches in The Netherlands. We started a project called The Largest Museum of The Netherlands, creating a real museum experience in 13 of the most beautiful churches.

What does a museum experience in a church mean? We did a lot of research amongst visitors, volunteers, people who worked in the church, and people who never visited a church. We created current and future customer journeys and made blueprints for the service in the church.

Extending opening times, training volunteers, a coherent look & feel, clear signage, and a custom made audiotour for each church. We came up with a real simple concept for the audiotour. Ten short stories for each church linked to a specific place within the church. We installed multiple beacons making each story accessible and create an overall experience that feels like magic.

The interface design was kept bare minimal, getting rid of all unnecessary clutter. We kept in mind the elderly volunteers as well as the visitors who had to able to use the tour without any explanation. We designed the audio to work in complete coherence with the screen. Our goal was to enable the visitor to focus on the church itself instead of the screen.

Designed at Fabrique in 2017.