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A website with a Webby award winning navigation


Winner Webby Award, iF Award, European Design Award, Red Dot Award, Lovie Award.

The Design Museum in London attracts more than 200 000 visitors a year with exhibitions on graphic design, industrial design, and architecture. Ahead of a relocation and temporary closure, we designed their new website.

The challenge was to develop a website which not only serves the visitor seamlessly with practical information, but also inspires the visitor and involves them in design.

Through workshops with visitors and the museum staff we came up with a concept that made it easy to get around, but also to get inspired through beautiful imagery and magazine style stories.

We wanted maximum flexibility for the museum to tell stories without a navigation getting cluttered over time. Through extensive Treetests (below) we were able to create an extremely simple navigation structure, with only 3 modular templates. It got awarded a Webby Award for best navigation and information architecture.

Each template is made out of modular building blocks that can be stacked on top of each other. These building blocks - together with the beautiful backgrounds - make every page a piece of design on itself without losing consistency.

Fun fact: the website was featured in the keynote presentation of the new iPhone X.

Designed at Fabrique in 2014.