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A vision on user experience in a hospital environment


AMC Hospital is one of the largest and leading hospitals of The Netherlands. It is a university hospital and therefore houses an unusual combination of patient care, research, and education in one building. The hospital patient rooms will get completely revamped for the first time since the opening in 1983. We created a vision for the user experience of those new patient rooms and the process of realising that vision.

We believed that innovation in a wicked environment like a hospital asked for strong guiding goals and a human centred step-by-step process.

Instead of starting with architecture, layout, or interior design, we started with the interactions and experiences patients have or should have during their stay. We created five overarching goals describing those experiences, based on program requirements, patiƫnt interviews, and research inside the hospital.

1. An uplifting environment for all involved
2. Know what you can do, may do, and have to do
3. Provoking desired behaviour
4. Getting better together
5. Living in between treatments

We suggested an agile and lean development process of the room. A life size mockup would allow us to test and prototype experiences with patient and other users of the room. Unfortunately AMC Hospital decided not to continue the project together with us due to financial reasons.

Designed at Fabrique in 2016.